How To Book

From the front page select office, currently we have one office only. Choose our office, Click checkbox return to same location. Choose pick up and return date.

You can also use reservation link to book


Our website use cookies to store the data, if the date for pickup not show like below, please use this step.

Select the last pickup date available on calendar.

Then, Select return date end of the current month .

Then the pickup date will available again, then choose back the pickup date that you need.

Then click find vehicle.


Choose your vehicle and click pay on arrival.

Currently no Addon available,just  click continue.

Insert your information, and click checkbox term and conditions , then click button place order.

If your order is successful, you will see this page. Please make sure all correct and check your email.

If you want to change any information. Click any of this button to change any information.

There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!